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CBD Oil Bath Bomb

From CBD bath scrubs to CBD Oil bath bombs, Green Drop CBD has curated a collection of essential self care CBD Oil infused products that bring homeostasis to your mind, body, and soul. All products are backed by 3rd party lab certifications and have been sourced for their purity, consistency, and potency. With 0% THC, CBD is great for those looking for a natural remedy to topical pain, skin care, and general self care. Our team has taken great care in trying all products featured on Green Drop CBD. Our infused self care CBD line has something for everyone! Looking for a bath scrub that can clear out clogged pores and dead skin cells without drying your skin? We have that. From traditional sugar scrubs infused with CBD Oil and essential oils to CBD oil infused coffee scrubs, Green Drop CBD only showcases the best. Looking for a topical muscle treatment to add in to your post work out routine? Our CBD oil salves and hemp oil infused lotions are the best way to topically ease muscle pain.Or simply in the market for a CBD infused lotion to incorporate into your daily skin care regime? Look no further. Swap out your entire skin care routine for CBD oil infused natural and organic products. It won't take long for you to feel and see the difference!