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About Us

It all started in December 2016 with a rescue puppy named Sasha who suffers from cluster seizures. When this sweet baby girl came to us, her condition was not disclosed. All we knew at the time was that she was given up by a previous owner who was too ill to care for her. It became clear after just a few weeks of Sasha's arrival to our family that she suffered from a severe case of epilepsy. Experiencing up to 20+ seizures over the course of 48 hours, we were terrified for Sasha's well being and the potential brain damage caused by such an alarmingly high rate of seizures. After countless attempts at abating the clusters with traditional human grade pharmaceuticals and trips to the veterinary neurologist, we turned to the natural remedy of CBD sublingual oil. 

Sasha receives 50-75 mg sublingual CBD Oil 3 times a day for her condition and now goes months at a time in remission from clustered seizures. CBD has given Sasha a restored quality of life that we never thought possible. She now plays, eats, and sleeps like a normal dog as compared to her time on traditional medication where she was often lethargic, not hungry, and unable to withstand longer than a few days, weeks at most, without clustered seizures.

From this experience and seeing the incredible beneficial effects, our family became very interested in the curative properties that CBD has. Ranging from alleviating severe joint pain caused by arthritis to lowering blood pressure and anxiety, CBD has brought a restorative power to our family in so many ways that we felt it necessary to create a market place that is easily accessible for the wide variety of uses CBD products can provide. Green Drop CBD is the one stop shop for all things CBD related so that you can spend less time searching for a cure and more time living cured!

Green Drop sources products from the purest American CBD Hemp manufacturers. The products we feature are hand picked for their ability to naturally and effectively alleviate health problems and promote healthy lifestyle benefits.

Our Disclaimer:

Although we know that CBD works for us and our animals, the products featured here are hemp derived CBD products that have not been approved by the FDA . The products featured on this site have all undergone 3rd party lab testing for CBD quality and concentration to ensure that our customers are purchasing the highest quality hemp derived CBD products. For more information about the brands featured on this site please click on the brand story page. Due to FDA regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not our products can help with specific ailments. We do, however, suggest that you conduct your own research in order to make the best decision for your wellness goals.

Green Drop CBD is based in Miami, Florida. 

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All Products sold contain 0% THC and 99%+ CBD backed by 3rd party lab results