Nasadol Brand Story



The Nasadol brand is pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate suspended in a saline based nasal mist. The Nasadol actuator (fancy name for the bottle) delivers 100mcg very fine mist per spray. Each spray of the 200mg bottle delivers 1mg CBD.

Nasadol was invented by an MD in collaboration with a pharmaceutical R&D company. It is blended in a federally inspected pharmaceutical manufacturing lab in the USA according to the highest industry standards.

Why we love Nasadol? It delivers quick and targetted results with little to no waste of product. When medicine is delivered in an absorbable, bioavailable form to the nasal mucosa, it is absorbed and transferred directly to the brain via two cranial nerves; the Olfactory Nerve, and the Trigeminal Nerve. The Olfactory and Trigeminal nerves in the nose transport Nasal CBD almost immediately into the brain; unfiltered, undiluted and unmetabolized. In addition to the two cranial nerves, the nose has a robust vascular plexus that also absorbs and delivers CBD directly to the vascular system within the brain

How to use a nasal spray-By Nasadol CBD Nasal from Nasadol on Vimeo.

How is Nasadol different from CBD in oil sprays?

The trouble with oil carriers is three fold.

1. Oil is bad for the sinuses. Brief occasional oils can be emollients but longer use can clog sinuses and damage nasal epithelium.

2. CBD in an oil would unpredictably, if ever, leave the oil to pass into the nasal cells or olfactory and trigenimal nerves for absorption and transport to the brain. Nasally administered medications are delivered in a saline solution, like Nasadol. There are lots of nasally administered drugs like Narcan, migraine medications, steroid nasal sprays, hormones, treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, etc., etc., Nasadol followed these examples provided by pharmaceutical industry solutions.

3. Oils clog up good nasal actuators delivering random volumes of mists. Our actuator delivers 100mcg every time

Lab Results 

Nasadol 200 MG Lab Results