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Easy and Refreshing!

I use my CBD oil spray on the go! The 1200mg is awesome because a little goes a long way, and with the spearmint it has a slightly refreshing taste. Whenever I have a headache I just spray a couple spritz under my tongue it manages to the pain. Or at night before bed, I use a couple sprays to relax and get a good nights sleep.

Happy Dog (13 yr. old shih tzu)

Our 13 yr. old dog, Gizmo, enjoys his little chopped meatball each morning after visiting his canine friends at the dog park; for the last couple of weeks we have added 3 drops of the bacon flavored CBD oil. He loves it! Prior to the new bacon flavor we had given him regular CBD oil in order to possibly curb his anxiety and his "attention getting barks" which have ceased, but the new bacon flavor really makes a difference since he loves bacon. He is no longer suspicious watching me add it to his morning snack. Gizmo is calm, more energized, and less anxious. Also, thank you so much for all the information and helpful hints.

Love my Basadol

Nasadol was the first CBD product I tried and I still use it every day.
For me, I use it for instant relief when I’m feeling anxious or nervous. I use it at night before bed too to help me unwind. I’ve never slept better since I started using it.
Follow the directions and sniff it in very gently. A hard sniff pulls the mist to the throat and it gives a salty taste. Highly recommended!!!

Great CBD Treats!

The chocolate was absolutely delicious! It has this amazing layer of peanut butter and honey in the middle! Really made for a great night time treat to calm the nerves.

Good stuff

It works and tasted great

Great 1500mg CBD Oil!

This product has been so good to me! Only a few drops every morning and I have definitely felt my anxiety subdue, along with better sleep at night. After a couple weeks of use I even think it has helped my acne - which is a HUGE thing for me! Thanks, Green Drop

This stuff is saving my dog!!

My poor puppy was recently diagnosed with cancer. He had lost so much weight and was so weak and lethargic the vets wouldn’t do chemo. We started giving him just a few drops a day hoping it’d make him feel better and stimulate his appetite. It’s been a miracle!! He’s eating more than he’s ever had, his blood work and kidney function improved as a result and he’s now on his third round of chemo. Couldn’t recommend more!!!! Thank you green drop!!!!

Cherry Pie Isoterps

Surpassed my expectations for flavor and quality and is certainly a must try for isolate enthusiasts.

They work

I got the 50 Mg CBD capsules and I was not disappointed . They worked great for my back pain


De La Beuh is my favorite CBD bath line...this bomb in particular is so fun - turns your tub a beautiful turquoise after it fizzes. Smells amazing and I really felt so much calmer and less sore after soaking.